Chinchilla Christian School Annual Report

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2013 School Year

Chinchilla Christian School (CCS) is a co-educational and inter-denominational school in the Independent schooling sector. The School is a member of the Christian Schools Australia (CSA).

School’s Vision:
“Our vision is to grow, educate and inspire students to be the light of the world, giving glory to our Father in heaven.”

School’s Mission:
“To shine as a vital caring community, providing quality Christ-centred education, nurturing students towards a life of discipleship and service.”

The School catered for Kindergarten to Year 7 in 2013 and will add secondary schooling commencing in 2014 with Year 8. The School will add a year level each successive year up to and including Year 12 in 2018. The Kindergarten Service is licenced for two groups of 22 children attending 5 days per fortnight.

The School is situated on rural-residential land on the verge of suburban Chinchilla. Adjacent to the southern end of the school are tracts of bushland.

Chinchilla Township is located in the Western Darling Downs Region, approximately 290 km west of the Queensland state capital of Brisbane. The 2011 Census reported Chinchilla as having a population of 5,487.

The Chinchilla Township is surrounded by agricultural and grazing land. Additionally, mining and energy companies are exploiting the vast reserves of coal and natural gas beneath the ground.

As at 22nd February 2013, Chinchilla Christian School had a total of 171 students from Prep to Year 7. 92 students were male and 79 were female. 4 students were of indigenous lineage. The student body is made up of children from both the Chinchilla Township and outlying farming districts. Students from both white and blue collar demographics are represented at CCS. The student population is somewhat culturally diverse. In addition to some children of indigenous lineage, CCS enjoys students from Europe, Africa and Latin America. The greatest proportion of students is from Christian homes. Students are of varying faiths, including protestant, Catholic and no faith in particular.

Kindergarten was fully subscribed with 2 groups of 22 children in each group.

CCS provides a Christian education alternative to the Chinchilla community. Chinchilla Christian School is distinctly Christian in both what is taught and how teaching is conducted. CCS requires students to undertake Biblical Studies as an additional subject to the usual array of subjects required to meet national and state educational requirements. All teaching is conducted from a Christian World View perspective. The Holy Bible is our primary resource to spiritual teaching. Commercially available curriculum resources are also employed by teachers as secondary resources to spiritual teaching. Teachers conduct spiritual devotions with their classes each school morning. All students participate in a chapel service on a weekly basis where spiritual songs are sung in worship to God and local church leaders minister a sermonette/devotion to staff and students.

CCS has an Arts emphasis in the areas of instrumental music, singing and drama. Each year the School produces either a musical production or a variety concert for the Chinchilla community. In 2013 the School performed the Musical “Annie Junior” to much community acclaim. Students participate in the Dalby Eisteddfod each year. As well as numerous awards for solo artists and ensembles, the Junior Choir was awarded a trophy for Best Overall Junior Choir in the 2013 Dalby Eisteddfod.

Chinchilla Christian School teaches Spanish as a second language from Prep to Year 7.

The students of CCS are required to participate annually in a cross-country running event, athletics carnival and a swimming carnival. Students who qualify are invited to attend district and regional sporting events. In 2013, several students went on to the district’s athletics carnival as well as some qualifying for the regional event. The school also was represented at the District rugby league event.

Each year students attend camps, sleep overs and participate in various excursion. In 2013:

  • Year s 3 and d 4 students attended a camp at the Columboola Environmental Centre for 3 days and 2 nights.
  • Years 5, 6 &7 students attended a dram/musical camp where they gained extra dramatic tuition for the 2013 musical production.
  • Students from Prep to Year 2 enjoyed a sleepover in the school’s library. This event began with fun afterschool activities, followed by bbq dinner and movie before bedding down for the night in the School’s library complex. Student’s awoke to breakfast and more fun and games before heading home late that morning.

CCS is very socially proactive with promotion of Biblical values across the School. The staff is actively instilling kindness, thoughtfulness, friendliness and care for each values into the students through devotions, Biblical Studies, Chapel and one-on-one interactions. Consequently, CCS is largely a cohesive and harmonious community. Each staff member is a practising Christian, well equipped to minister to the pastoral cares of students. Additionally, CCS will provide for a dedicated School Chaplain in 2014. As well as adhering to School behavioural management procedures, behavioural issues, including bullying are dealt with as they arise through speaking to students at morning parades, weekly chapel services and also via the School’s newsletter.

Satisfaction Surveys are conducted annually at CCS. The survey addressed School direction, performance, facilities and resources. The 2013 survey revealed most parents, students and staff members were generally satisfied to very happy about the School.

CCS believes the responsibility for the raising of children belongs to parents. The Scriptures instruct parents to bring up their children in the ways of God (Prov 22:6; Eph 6:4)and as such we believe that schools assist parents in this God-given duty. Consequently, parental involvement at school is always encouraged and sought. At enrolment interviews, parents are advised that they are welcome to participate in the education of their children at school. Such participation can be attendance at various school functions and sporting carnivals or providing extra supervision on excursions or even attending the school on a regular basis to assist students with reading or other classed activities as arranged by teachers.

Our School has an active Parents and Friends (P&F) group. The P&F’s primary function is to raise funds for small to medium school projects. In 2013 the P&F raised funds through various canteens and stalls. The P&F provided funds in 2013 for window venetians in classrooms, dedicated early years sandpit and classroom readers. The P&F actively recruits parents to become members.

Information regarding our School, its philosophy, policies or procedures may be obtained from contacting the school registrar.

Chinchilla Christian School is owned by a not-for-profit company. Income for the school comes from three sources: 1. Federal Government recurrent funding,  2. State Government recurrent funding and 3. School fees.

  289,539         Fees and Charges
    12,216         Other receipts from students.
    17,538         Private income
  358,041         State Government Recurrent Grants
1,174,598        Commonwealth Government General Recurrent Grants Programme
46,547        All Other Commonwealth Government Grants (excluding General Recurrent Grants)
   250,000        Commonwealth Government Capital Grants
   250,000        State Government Capital Grants
     18,115        Fees/levies allocated for capital purposes
2,416,594        School Income







Mr Chris McPhail

B.Sc. (Applied Chemistry), Assoc. Degree I.T; Grad Dip. Learning & Teaching (Secondary)

New to School in 2013

Prep L

Mrs Robyn Lindsay

B.Ed. (Special Education)

Retained from 2012

Prep D

Ms Helen Drew(Jan – Jun)
Mrs Elizabeth Chapman (Oct – Dec)

B.Ed. (Early Childhood)
Grad. Dip. Learning & Teaching


New to School in 2013

Year 1

Ms Cheryl Barnes

B.Ed. (Early Childhood)

Retained from 2012

Year 2

Ms Linda Weyer

Dip Child Care & Ed.
B.Ed. (Primary)
B.Arts (Sociology & History)

Retained from 2012

Year 3

Ms Karlee Haansbergen

B.Ed. (Home Economics)

New to School in 2013

Year 4

Mr Matthew Stoner

B.Ed. (Primary & Middle)

Retained from 2012

Year 5

Mr Matthew Owen

B.Ed (Secondary)

Retained from 2012

Year 6/7

Mrs Elisabeth Kirby

Grad. Dip. Learning & Teaching

Retained from 2012






Mrs Roslyn Heywood

M.Ed. Early Childhood

Retained from 2012





Special Needs

Mrs Karen Haak-Schoff

Dip. Teaching

Retained from 2012


Mrs Sue O’Donnell


Retained from 2012


Mrs Lynelle Davis


New to School in 2013


Mrs Tricia Smith


Retained from 2012

Accounts Manager

Mrs Ann Boyle


New to School in 2013


Mr Ken Bruggemann


New to School in 2013

Teacher Aide

Mrs Chery Hart


Retained from 2012

Teacher Aide

Mrs Ann Mitchell


Retained from 2012

Teacher Aide

Mrs Colleen Holt


New to School in 2013

Teacher Aide

Miss Brianna Welsby


Retained from 2012

Teacher Aide

Mrs Grace Stoner (Half-time)


Retained from 2012

Teacher Aide

Mr Chris Bruggemann (Half-time)


New to School in 2013

Teacher Aide

Mrs Vanessa Druce


Retained from 2012


A total of $25,000.00 was spent on staff professional development.

Course Name

Staff Attended

Ist Aid Training

All Staff

Teachers Training International – How to motivate, manage & engage


CSA -  Teachers New to Christian Schooling


CSA  - Leaders Symposium


Australian Academy of Science – Curriculum Leader Training


ISQ – Literacy & Numerousy training


Highlighting Writing – 7 steps to writing success


Inquisitive Young Minds


40 Weeks of school = 200 days we had 97.6% teacher attendance on average

Our vision is for students to want to attend school. CCS has a holistic approach to achieving high student attendance rates. CCS aims for school to be an enjoyable experience for students where learning is relevant, challenging and rewarding at the same time. When a student is away from school, a phone call to parents is made to check on their welfare. Frequent absence and extended absences are met with a call from the School Principal to ascertain what, if any, problems may exist. Parents are reminded of their ethical and legal obligations regarding their children’s attendance at school.

NAPLAN results are accessible on the My School website:


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