Chinchilla Christian School Annual Report

2012 School Year

Street Address:
88 Oak Street


07 4668 9777


Postal Address:
PO Box 242


07 4668 9770


The School is a member of Christian Education National – CEN, an organization of over 80 schools in Australia and Independent Schools Queensland – ISQ  

A School Association made up of Christian Parents and other Christians from the community own and run the school. From the Association, a Board is elected to carry out the duties of running the school.

The Principal works under the authority of the Board and is responsible to the Board for the implementation of policy and the management of the School.

Staff of the School is firstly responsible to the Principal.


“Our vision is to grow, educate and inspire students to be the light of the world, giving glory to our Father in heaven.”



“To shine as a vital caring community, providing quality Christ-centred education, nurturing students towards a life of discipleship and service.”


To the glory of God and in total dependence on Him we value …..

  • The Lordship of Christ over all creation and the responsibility we have to take care of it.
  • The God-ordained role of parents in the raising of their children.
  • A school community where parents, students, staff and association members empower and support one another in their roles.
  • Prayerfulness and effective communication.
  • Teaching of quality programs that enable students to achieve their God-given potential.
  • Enabling the staff to teach from Biblical perspectives.
  • The uniqueness of each student.
  • Equipping students to become like Christ; to act in service to others and share God’s life and hope in the world.
  • Faithfulness and excellence in everything.

Our mission is to ensure that Chinchilla Christian School is a magnificent learning and teaching community:

  • providing quality, Christ centred education;
  • bringing out the best in our children;
  • maintaining and strengthening Christian beliefs as a basis for all action;
  • encouraging and enabling students to shine in their local community; and
  • growing from the bottom up at a rate of up to 22 students per year to a total of up to 130 students by 2011.






Strengthen the association and its membership and ensure effective, transparent biblical principles and accountability in all aspects of governance and operation.

Develop and sustain high quality learning and education from a Christ-centred perspective through curriculum, staff development and suitable facilities.

Enrol, induct and assess students; seek to meet their individual and communal learning needs and provide a safe, healthy and effective learning community.

Provide a biblically based work environment in which employees, parents, students and others in the school community love, support and care for each other and make an optimal contribution.

Maintain among everyone in the school community a passion for and commitment to the special place of parents in the nurture and education of children.

Increase awareness and availability of Christian education throughout the region as ‘salt and light’, operating a warm and welcoming school community; represent the school to government, other agencies and organisations and the wider community.

Maintain an infrastructure base to ensure the necessary facilities to enable the school community to pursue the association’s purpose and mission.


Ensure provision, sustainability and responsible management of the association’s finances and other resources across all association and school activities.


Staff Development: 
Priorities for this year included: daily devotional times for staff to pray for the school and its students; in-service training in association with the CEN, ISQ and the State Government Education Department; continued development of the Preparatory Year; upgrading of Senior First Aid certification for staff as required and annual CPR training for all staff.

Parental Involvement:  
Staff at Chinchilla Christian School, see the school as an extension of the Christian home and therefore welcome parents into the classroom and playground and value this involvement of parents in their children’s learning. As well as this, parents are involved in many other aspects of the school including the Parents and Friends Association which organizes fundraising events and other social activities for school families; organized working bees; various school outings and activities; assisting with reading groups; and tuck-shop.


School Focus
We endeavour to make the classroom an extension of the Christian home. Existing high values and morals that are upheld at home are reinforced. The school works at helping parents to fulfil their God-given responsibility in educating their children. This provides an opportunity for maximum learning through a secure and stable classroom environment.

Curriculum – Playgroup to Year 7
The curriculum used at Chinchilla Christian School has been carefully selected and adopted from other like-minded Christian Schools. It is a quality curriculum that has its foundations in Scripture and thoroughly equips the children for all future educational experiences, wherever they study.

Staff at Chinchilla Christian School is carefully chosen by the Board of Directors, in the light of the following criteria:

  • Christian faith in practice
  • Professional competence as a teacher
  • Ability to communicate with parents and staff
  • Registered to teach in Queensland

This ensures commitment and stability within the school. The Board of Chinchilla Christian School works toward an open and honest relationship with staff. The staff are supported and encouraged in a positive way to ensure that the overall running of the school is carried out smoothly.

CCS Philosophy & Aims

The foundations of an organisation set the direction in which it goes. This may grow, develop and even change as time goes on but the basics of the foundation remains with that organisation and continues to guide the overall direction of it. Chinchilla Christian School was founded in 1983 by Christian parents, for Christian families, sharing a common desire to have their children educated from a Christian view, supporting the Christian beliefs taught in the home, in a biblical manner, based totally on the Word of God.


Chinchilla Christian School exists so that children can be taught from a Christian World view, for children to excel in education and life skills and to develop and maintain strong foundations that will sustain them through all life’s journeys and its challenges. Our desire is to nurture and develop children in their spiritual heritage and academic abilities which are based on an acceptance of the Lordship of Christ and an acceptance of the Bible as the revealed Word of God. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


These aims are set within the framework of the principles and beliefs outlined in the Memorandum of Association and the Confession of Faith. The aims are primarily philosophical in nature and provide the broad aims upon which specific educational goals may be implemented. Their purpose is to give direction to all the activities of the school. The aims have been organised into three main areas, reflecting the school’s mission statement: “To shine as a vital, caring community, providing quality Christ-centred education, nurturing students towards a life of discipleship and service.”
These aims support the Adelaide Declaration on National Goals for Schooling in the Twenty-first Century, which are also grouped into three main areas.

In relation to fully developing the talents and capacities of all students (nurturing students towards a life of discipleship and service):

  • To assist the children in their growth to Christian maturity (1.3) *
  • To encourage the students to love God with their whole hearts, minds, souls and strength
  • To enable students to think from Biblical presuppositions (1.3)

SCHOOL SECTOR: CCS belongs to the Independent School Sector.
                                                PO Box 242 CHINCHILLA QLD 4413
                                                88 Oak Street, Chinchilla 4413
                                                Phone (07) 4668 9777
                                                Fax (07) 4668 9770
                                                Mob: 042 7 746 042
ENROLMENTS TO THE END OF                  2006       28 children
ENROLMENTS TO THE END OF                  2007      47 children
ENROLMENTS TO THE END OF                  2008      85 children
ENROLMENTS TO THE END OF                  2009       97 children
ENROLMENTS TO THE END OF                  2010       133 children
ENROLMENTS TO THE END OF                  2011       144 children
ENROLMENTS TO THE END OF                  2012       175 children
EXPECTED TO THE END OF                         2013       195 children
EXPECTED TO THE END OF                         2014       213 children


YEAR LEVELS OFFEREDthe 175 children above (in the 2012 year) are from Prep to Year Seven. As mentioned we also run on the same campus a Playgroup for parents with younger children – approximately 20 to 25 attend each Thursday morning. Once these children reach four years of age they are invited to be enrolled into Pre-Prep where we provide a safe and structured learning environment until they are old enough to enrol in primary school. There are 34 children currently attending our Pre-Prep.

CO-EDUCATIONAL OR SINGLE SEXCCS is a co-educational school.


DISTINTIVE CURRICULUM OFFERINGSHere at CCS we strongly support the ideal that ‘everyone has a right to a fair go’. All children no matter what challenges they might face are wholly integrated into mainstream classrooms. We offer all the usual KLA’s, all with a Biblical Christian Worldview. Below are outlined more distinctive curriculum options available:

Music is a major focus at CCS and we utilise the gifting of our students and staff by showcasing them at various performances throughout the year, these include several visits to the different aged care facilities in our local area; local eisteddfods; school functions and events.

Students at CCS are involved in the various levels of Athletics in our region. We participate as a school in the Small School’s Athletics Carnival, successful athletes can then go on to participate at a District Carnival, the Regional Carnival and then if good enough State and National competitions. The local schools combine to enable a District Soccer and Rugby League competition.  Swimming is our major summer sports activity with our main focus being to have all Prep to Year Three children water confident.

God has given parents authority over their children to guide and direct them in the way of righteousness. While parents may invite others (e.g. teachers) to share with them in the nurture of their children, the foremost responsibility and privilege for this nurture always remains with the parents who determine the character and spiritual direction of their children. He calls on children to love, honour, and respect and obey their parents in the Lord.
CCS has a very active Parents & Friends Association with their own executive who meets monthly to oversee the effective running of our School Tuckshop and various fund-raising activities held throughout the year.
Parents are essential to the overall operation and success of many areas of the day-to-day operation of the schools educational programme. They are actively involved in the daily delivery of the Early Years Perceptual Motor Programme; the different sports electives, especially swimming; classroom rosters for reading and other general assistance, in art etc.


Qualifications of all teachers.
Principal - Dennis Lockhart               B.Ed. Primary.
Elisabeth Kirby                                     B.Ed. Primary.
Helen Drew                                          B.Ed. Early Childhood
Linda Weyer                                         B.Ed. Primary
Andrea Hockaday                                              B.Ed. Primary (Part of the year)
Matthew Stoner                                    B.Ed. Primary
Matthew Owen                                     B.ED. Primary
Cheryl Barnes                                      B.Ed. Primary (Part of the year)
Natasha Brooymans                           B.Ed. Primary (Part of the year)
Karen Haak/Schoff                              B.Ed. Primary – Learning Support Teacher (part-time).
Kathy Hubbard                                     B.Ed Early Childhood – Kindergarten Teacher (Part Year)
Roslyn Heywood                                 M. Early Childhood – Kindergarten Teacher (Part Year).
Ancilliary Staff:
Kaye Lockhart                                      School Administration
Sara Ussher                                         Accounts
Sue O’Donnell                                     Administration Assistant (Part Year)
Ann Mitchell                                          Special Needs Aide
Cheryl Hart                                           Teacher Aide – Primary
Vanessa Druce                                    Teacher Aide - Primary
Brianna Welsby                                   Teacher Aide - Primary
Sandra Bruggermann                         Kindergarten - Teacher Aide.
Barry Bruggemann                              Grounds & Maintenance


Professional Development
CCS teachers and staff members participated in a variety of Professional Development activities to further develop and enhance their various gifts and talents, these included:






























Total No. Teachers

Total Exp. Teacher P.D.

Avg. per Teacher




Staff Attendance
Chinchilla Christian School employed a total of xx full-time staff and x part-time staff. The school recognizes and deeply appreciates the patience, perseverance and ongoing commitment and dedication of every member of the school staff to the cause of Christian education and CCS in particular. The average attendance rate or average number of days attended per teaching staff member was 166 days out of a possible 194 days = 85.6%, which re-iterates the dedication of the school staff.

Retention of teaching staff
The proportion of teaching staff retained from the previous year was 7. We employed 2 new teachers.

Student Attendance
The average attendance rate (percentage) for students was 92.5% for 144 students enrolled full time in 2011.

Reading, Writing and Numeracy Results
Reading, writing and numeracy benchmark results for those students who participated in the National Year 3, 5, 7 tests can be found on the My School website .

COMMENTS: The School’s NAPLAN results continue to be positive and reflect a huge effort by all staff considering the amazing growth CCS continues to be blessed with. We have grown from a school of just 6 students at the end of 2004 to a healthy and vibrant community of 144 children by the end of the 2011 school year. Keeping our benchmark percentages high across all KLA’s continues to be a priority, but it has its obvious challenges with such rapid growth.  

Written Student Reports:

The school produces two formal written reports on student progress throughout the year, provided at the end of semester 1 and 2.  An Interim Report is issued at the end of Term 1.

Parent/Teacher Interviews:

Parent/teacher interviews occur at the beginning of Term 2 and the beginning of Term 3 each year.  Parents can decline an interview or reschedule the allocated timeslot if required.


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